Mason Bees for Tamaro

  • Mason Bees for Tamaro

2 Mason Bee Cottages with 50 reeds each (@$65 each) = $130
50 additional reeds (bundles of 25 @$14 each) = $28
3 sets of 25F/37M cocoons (@$93 each) = $279
2 Organza Bags (@$5.75 each) = $11.50

Mason Bees to be picked up between Friday March 26th to Monday March 29th at our store in Cutchogue (31855 Main Road, Cutchogue, NY); please tell me exact date so will count them out night before; please send me emails of Matt and Sarah so can send them their confirmation emails for their cocoons; this order can be broken up so each of your friends can pay separately.