Monarch Flower (500mg) Seeds - Help save the monarch butterfly


Help save the monarch butterfly by planting common monarch flower (Asclepias syriaca). Monarch butterflies are in drastic decline and habitat loss is the number one cause. Monarch flowers (Asclepias spp.) are the only plants upon which monarch butterflies will lay their eggs. In fact, each monarch caterpillar needs up to one whole plant to have the sustenance needed to turn into a butterfly! Help the monarch butterfly population rebound by growing common monarch flower in your garden!

Aside from atttracting monarch butterflies for egg-laying, the common monarch flower entices swallowtails, fritillaries, painted ladies, and red admirals for nectaring.

Each packet contains well over 75 seeds and growing instructions. Native to the United States, the common monarch flower is an easy to grow, drought tolerant perennial with large, rounded clusters of purplish/pink flowers. This listing is for one seed packet.