Snail Mail, Blank Note Cards with Envelopes (6-Card Variety Pack)


Six fascinating watercolors painted by Rotund Disc Snails (Discus rotundatus) are now available as a variety pack of blank note cards, printed on heavyweight stock and complete with envelopes for sending or gifting. As a soil and leaf litter inhabiting snail, our snail artists were collected while weeding the organic red raspberry patch at Blossom Meadow Farm in Southold, NY. They relaxed in their snartist lounge (a mason jar) in between paintings and were released back to the farm to resume their regular snail life at the end of the day. Snails cycle nutrients up the food chain (calcium in particular). A lot of birds rely on snails for their dietary needs. In fact, thrushes are not able to lay viable eggs when they don’t get enough snails in their diet. There are around 115 species of land snails in New York State.

Shipping: $6.00, or $1.00 with other items purchased

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